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Life & Social Skills


Virtual Peer Coaching

BePeers connects you with a qualified peer coach for virtual interaction, guided conversations, entertainment, and social/life skills training.


Let's Overcome Any Challenge ...

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Lonely or isolated

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Cognitive or learning difficulties

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Shy or low self-esteem

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With or without a diagnosis


Struggle with everyday skills

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Need someone to talk to

... With the Support of a Peer

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BePeers' Coaching Model is Tailored, Individual & Unique

Take a Peek!

We've compiled all the needed resources to build an awesome peer coaching relationship.


From games & activities, to learning how to set goals and build healthy habits through sessions and take-home challenges, we believe in a self-determination approach.

Coaching Center
Our Coaches

Parent / 

Find a peer coach to help your child/young adult gain social exposure

Looking for a peer coach

Find a peer coach, a buddy, who will share their social experience with you

Our Partners

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