Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Tanzite decking material cost?

The cost of the Tanzite stone tiles is comparable to composite decking at $5.49 a linear foot or $10.98 per square foot. However, with the Tanzite stone, you would typically have less waste since the individual pieces are smaller. If you combine the water protection membrane, the jointing sand, the bullnose edge stones, the fasteners, and the standard stones most decks work out to about $15.00 per square foot.
Try our online cost estimator for your deck project to get a better idea of what your deck will cost, or email us a drawing of your deck to info@tanzite.ca and we will send you a quote and a 3D concept!

Where can I buy Tanzite deck materials?

You can purchase everything you need to make your deck a Stone Deck directly from our website! We can ship your complete decking package directly to you, anywhere in Canada..

How do I clean my Tanzite STONEDECKS?

Depending on what it is, there are different solutions. Most things can be cleaned with soap & water. If that doesn’t work, a good heavy duty cleaner we suggest is Granite and natural stone cleaner by Spray & Forget. For BBQ grease, or other grease, use a degreaser, even a heavy duty engine degreaser is safe to use. For haze, clean it with a standard tile haze remover. For paint, use a paint thinner. Ultimately, you can even scrub it with a wire brush without hurting your deck! Not too many companies will tell you that! If you are still having trouble, send some photos of your issue to warranty@stonedecks.ca and we will give you specific advice.

How can I order a Tanzite Sample Box?

We have created a sample box that has an actual piece of Tanzite stone, in each color, so that you can touch and see the real thing! It’s $20 (shipping included) and you can order it here.

What are the Colors of Tanzite STONEDECKS?

Tanzite Stones come in 6 different colours, 4 stone colours and 3 wood colours: The stone colours are:

  1. Black Granite
  2. White Granite
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Sierra Gray
The wood colours are:
  1. White Oak
  2. Walnut
  3. Aged Cedar
Tanzite stone tiles come in a number of colours and sizes which can be easily combined to create the perfect design. We have created a sample book that has a small piece of actual Tanzite stone tiles in each colour so you can see and feel it. Order a Sample Box here.